3 Summer Event Tips

So summer is fast approaching, and what are you going to do about it? Well CELEBRATE IT of course! Throw summer parties, pool parties, beach parties, birthday parties! If you’re going to do any of these parties you’re going to need some tips on how to make them legendary!
The first tip is…..

  • Drinks!
    Don’t just create delicious lemonade, accessorize it! A great way to accessorize your drinks is by putting a slice of fruit on the edge of the cup, goblet, pitcher etc. As I mentioned in a previous post, everything is better when it looks amazing. Also, sugar tipped cups or goblets are very simple to make. You can dip the top of the goblet into juice and then dip it into sugar, or you can do it another way, where you rub the extra strawberry on the lip of the cup, evenly all the way around, and then dip the cup into the sugar. It dries and hardens slightly, but can be easily eaten or cleaned off. Then slice the strawberry, and make sure you cut it into the middle so it slips easily on the cup but doesn’t rip all the way through. Drinks are in demand during the summer so don’t disappoint!

    This video about how to make gummy cups is definitely one to bookmark! It shows the step by step process of how to make cups out of jelly powder, gelatin, and water! Such a great idea for a summer event of any style!
  • The second tip is Decorations! Balloons that match the banner and the table cloth(s) add a very nice touch to any event! It’s the difference between a nice looking party, and a party that looks amazing! One idea is having the guests each bring a decoration that is a specific color, but leave the decision regarding the exact decoration to the guest. Then you only have to do a minimal amount of decorations, and the guests can have fun putting their decoration where they think they fit best! Comment below and let me know some ideas that have worked for you! If you have pictures of an event that you loved, or that you planned you can send them to me and I’ll do my best to feature them on my blog!
  • The last tip is food. The beautiful Oreo cheesecake at the top of this article was delicious, but one of the first things that caused me to want to eat it was the way it looked! I know, I judged the cheesecake by the way it looked. However there are some things that it’s ok to do that with, and food at an event fits under that category! Try to make sure that your food looks great by doing little things like arranging it nicely on the plate, adding an Oreo on top 😉 and even putting it on an attractive plate can make all the difference! Certainly do your best to ensure that your food tastes delicious, but don’t stop there, ensure that everything about the meal, snack, or dessert is delicious! Here’s a simple but splendid veggie snack platter tutorial:

I have a few great resources from Today Food  and Experimental Wifery  to give you some more ideas on how to arrange food so it looks as delicious as it tastes! Soon I will have my own videos and pictures about how to arrange food, and ensure that it looks delicious! So keep an eye out for my links to my YouTube page, or just subscribe to my channel now by clicking on the icon located with my other social media icons!

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